Organon of Medicine and Homeopathic Philosophy (P)

Why should students come to us

1) Demonstration of application of fundamentals of Homoeopathic Philosophy at bedside (in OPD and IPD) through Action Learning-with use of Standardised Case Record system.


2) Practical application of the homoeopathic philosophy as enunciated by the founder, Dr M.L. Dhawale in his internationally renowned book ‘Principles and practice of homoeopathy’ and other ICR literature.


3) Study of the Homoeopathic principles according to the various stalwarts like Master Hahnemann, Boenninghausen, Kent, Boger, Hering, Close, Roberts etc integrated with the Indian Philosophy as given in the Geeta.


4) Whole hearted availability of the complete faculty of the department of Organon who possess rich clinical experience of more than 30 years and Academic experience of more than 18 years.


5) Studying here would also enrich ones’ experience in the research work carried out in homoeopathic philosophy on the basis of authentic clinical work carried out during the span of MD course.


6) The department focuses on the training of physicians through the “guru-shishya parampara” rooted in our Indian system of education.


7) Physicians are trained to go beyond oneself and following the practice of “Clinical Observer” system in clinical practice.

It is essential to acquire complete knowledge of Organon and homoeopathic philosophy which forms the foundation of homoeopathic practice.

Department wise Intake Capacity- Six students for MD I

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Current students


Dr Vrushali KulkarniMD I (2019-22)
Dr. Arun KumarMD I (2019-22)
Dr. KarthikaMD I (2019-22)
Dr. Imran ShaikhMD I (2019-22)
Dr. Sneha BathulaMD I ( 2018-21)
Dr. Shubham KumbharMD I ( 2018-21)
Dr. Akshay PadeMD I ( 2018-21)
Dr. Heena MubarakMD I ( 2018-21)
Dr. Pulkit KaurMD I ( 2018-21)
Dr. Raja MishraMD I ( 2018-21)
Dr. Rasika BendreMD II 2017-20
Dr. Deepali BhanushaliMD II 2017-20
Dr. Deepali NaikMD II 2017-20
Dr. Vishesh NaikMD II 2017-20
Results of last 1 year

100% pass result in MD I and MD II

Department specific Activities

Establishing and managing clinical opds at RHH like
  • Homoeopathic Nephrology OPD attached to Dialysis Centre.
  • Dermatology.
  • Infertility and Gynaecology.
  • Rheumatology.

Establishing and managing geriatric centre at RHH.


Research works conducted:
  • Drug proving done on- Phaseolus and Rhus Aromatica, Calc Fluor.
  • Comparative study of centesimal and 50 millesimal scale of potencies in Osteoarthritis.
  • Unique work done on the “Effect of 50 Millesimal potencies on Quality of Life of patients of ESRD on Hemodialysis.”

Comming Soon……

Faculty Profile

Dr Nityanand Tiwari ,
MD (Hom)
Dr Anand R Kapse ,
M.D. (Hom.)
Dr Sunil Bhalinge,
MD (Hom)
Dr Sachin Junagade,
MD. (Hom)

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Dr Mehvish Dandoti,
MD. (Hom)

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