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Launched in 2002, Dr M L Dhawale Memorial Homoeopathic Institute (MLDMHI), Palghar draws its inspiration from the immense work put in by the late Dr. M. L. Dhawale (1927-87). He was an eminent Homoeopath of international fame. He based his work on the three cardinal principles viz. Evolving a Standardized approach to clinical practice (a common practice in all Institutes of Excellence the world over), Case-based integrated teaching and training (a sound pedagogy in all Postgraduate Education) and the Principle of Tri-coordinate Care where the teacher is a facilitator and through caring for the Patient and for the Learner (student) is able to demonstrate care for Knowledge. The Departments of Psychiatry, Pulmonology, Clinical Research and Medical Informatics of the Rural Homoeopathic Hospital, Palghar, are recognized by the Ministry of AYUSH, Govt of India as Centres of Excellence in Homoeopathy.

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MD(Hom) at MLDMHI | Dr Bipin Jain – Principal, MDMHI

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Unique features

Rich Clinical Exposure

Various clinical opportunities in the Urban, Rural and Tribal areas

Innovative Pedagogy

Student centric action based learning using modern principles of educational technology

Extra Mural Research Projects

Students exposed to application of research methodology in Research Projects

Qualified Teaching Faculty

Highly qualified, well trained, experienced and dedicated faculty

Opportunities for Growth

Join us as a student and explore the opportunities to become Research fellow, Medical officers and many more


Scholarship programmes offered by various departments of Government of India and philanthropic Institutions for eligible candidates.  

Our Courses

We follow the principle of Tri-coordinate Care where the teacher is a facilitator and

through caring for the Patient and for the Learner (student) is able to demonstrate the care for Knowledge.

Doctor of Medicine [Hom.]

3 year patient-based educational programmes in six subjects covering the syllabus as prescribed by MUHS in a unique student-centric curriculum

Ph. D Programs





Short Courses

Courses offered by MLD Trust 




Hospitals and Training Centers

NABH accredited 100 bedded multi-specialty integrated Hospital offering secondary level care

8 bedded tribal Smt Janki Bacchu Dubey Cottage hospital and Share and Care Community Health Centre

Opportunity to examine patients at Urban, Rural and Tribal OPDs

Why Choose Us



Change is common but transformations are phenomenal. Every student while pursuing post graduation surely thinks once about the evident change that they undergo at personal and professional level. But rarely can we palpate those changes are the marking of beginnings of self transformations! Institute follows education system as legacy which is rooted to cultivate “Internal observer”. Students enter to institute with desire to be certified as MD (Homeopath) but leave as an “Awakened physician”. Institute has faculties who expertise in subjects but what makes them spectacular is the conduct of the faculties and efforts which faculties put to shape us. I left institute 3 years back but what remains with me are the strings of dynamicity with which I am attached to institute and it clearly speaks volumes of education system which is “beyond the books”. With all life struggles I always try to find resolution from treasure: ICR philosophy. I truly believe we are blessed and privileged to be part of such institute which serves as “Lantern in murk of cavern”.

Dr Mansi Surati MD (HOM) Psychiatry | Batch 2012-2015 | Counsellor Danbury Grassroots Academy | Research Guide in western Connecticut state university (USA)

To have to speak about an experience so vast and deep in brief is an injustice in itself, but I shall endeavour, nonetheless, to be succinct. The clinical and academic benefits of MLDMHI hardly need expounding. The uniqueness of the institute lies in how it touches lives: of both its patients and its physicians. It is here where I was taught to be constantly in touch with my inner journey while living vicariously through another’s experience. I learned that to be objective and analytical, one doesn’t need to lose sentiment. Being sensible doesn’t mean one needs to turn insensitive. I learned that patience and perseverance are a person’s greatest weapons. Also, that in matters of the life lesson no one is bigger than the learning (this is the only institute where consultants with over decades of experience play a level field with fresh graduates). I will always cherish the members of the institute who taught me how to learn and have armed me with skills for an enriched practice and life.

Dr. Vidya Arunachalam Dr. Vidya Arunachalam | M.D. (HOM) Practice Of Medicine | Batch 2012-15 | Asst. Professor | Department Of Homoeopathic Materia Medica | Smt. Chandaben Homoeopathic Medical College

My association with MLDMHI began in 2014. The strict & demanding work environment proved to be challenging at first but gradually as I realised the importance of the whole process I adapted well & learnt a lot through it. The faculty's knowledge, dedication & their humility plus the transparency in the system that runs the institute instilled in me the necessary prerequisites of becoming a good homoeopath - love for my profession, confidence to practice it in the highly competitive world & the compassion for those I help get better. But the education at MLDMHI is not just limited to creating good homoeopaths; the virtuous & hard-working people around me also inspired me to become an improved version of myself. I am & will always be Proud to be an Alumni of MLDMHI.

Dr. Bhavya Sehgal Dr.Bhavya Sehgal | M.D. Paeds | Batch 2014-17 | Working as a Homoeopathic Physician.

It gives me an immense pleasure to be a part of MLDMHI, where I have spent 3 memorable years. MLDMHI means a lot to me, without which I would not have added MD after my name. Positive atmosphere in the college gives a positive attitude to move up in our life. I am grateful to all the teachers for teaching me values of life such as hard work, concentration, consistent performing skills, potential to face hurdles, positiveness and most importantly discipline and punctuality. It has paved the path for a beautiful journey in my life. Now I can face any stressful situation in my life. Thank you MLDMHI for awakening the dormant potential within me and have given me the courage to pursue my dreams in this competitive world. We have been taught us to think fast, act smart and be ahead always.

Dr. Akanksha Agrawal Dr. Akanksha Agrawal | MD (Hom) Materia Medica | Batch 2014-17 | Lecturer of Medicine department | Gondia Homoeopathic Medical college and Hospital, Gondia

A feeling of total loser when I entered MLDMHI, but every cell of my body transformed and stretched its limits as though I had turned neuroplastic all of a sudden. All my unexplored capabilities and strengths were introduced to me through this process and now I stand in this world practicing confidently from what I learnt from it. Not just homoeopathy, we learn how to look at lives from a broader vantage point and perfect them as much as possible. A coal like me was turned to diamond by this institute of which I am very proud of!

Dr. Rasica Dr. Rasica Panchegaokar | MD (Hom) Organon | Batch 2014-17 | Consulting Homoeopath | Eternity Homoeo Clinic

This college is a complete package of creating a skilled Homoeopathic Physician. The college not only provided me the PG qualification, but brought out the person in me, who is so proud to be known as a doctor from MLDMHI. MLDMHI not only makes skilled doctor but also a better human to serve humanity. Along with education all other extracurricular activities are included as well where street plays and awareness campaigns are conducted. Competitive exams, Various workshops are also given importance. Apart from education various sports and theme based programs with equal participation from medical non-medical and paramedical staff are conducted. I remember nursing staff and MD students playing cricket match together with true sports man spirit. MLDMHI has given me lots of memories and I feel blessed to be able to have their name with mine forever.

Dr. Madhuri Vasant Koli Dr. Madhuri Koli | MD (Hom) Psychiatry | Batch 2014-17

I am glad to get the opportunity to write and speak in this column. I am attached with MLDMHI since 2014. This institute has not only given me my MD Qualification, but also gave me the Guru, who taught me life and living. No matter how difficult the life goes, whatever comes we should not stop and loose hope. Now, working as a lecturer at A J Shukla Medical college Mehsana as well as contributing in multiple mental health programs, MLDMHI taught me the importance of discipline and logical reasoning as well as documentation which is very important for research projects. I want to thank the institute, all my teachers and specially my Guru Dr. Kumar Dhawale sir. I wish the institute to grow higher and achieve its mission.

Dr. Vaidehi Parikh Dr. Vaidehi Parikh | MD(Hom) Psychiatry | Lecturer | A J Shukla Medical college Mehsana

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