Homeopathic Materia Medica (HMM)

Homeopathic Materia Medica

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Homeopathic Materia Medica (HMM) is one of the key subjects, along with Organon and Repertory. It has vary vast amount of information in terms of literature; but as a Homoeopath it is important to understand how to refer all these literature to understand the depth of Homoeopathic remedies. There are various concepts and approach to understand and comprehend Homoeopathic Matera Medica. At post graduate level students should learn to construct Materia Medica Images from different philosophical insight, from different clinical sources so that he is ready with bed side application in different variety of cases with varied data. He also gets insight about what more to do from available data and to explore newer avenues to get more  qualitative data. archerThese abilty once developed will make him life time learner and researcher. At MLDMHI, the teaching method used is case-based method; which helps in understanding not only concepts, literature but also application. Through the Discussion used for Case based teaching session’s, a student also becomes confident in sharing one’s point of view, to communicate the reasoning and also background Reading makes him more conversant with rich literature. Integral part of PG teaching is Dissertation or Thesis writing, which helps to cultivate the researcher aptitude in students. Together with Dissertation and teaching sessions, student not only becomes a competent Homoeopathic Physician to serve community but also a Teacher and reseacher who can share same values and teachings, so Homoeopathy can flourish as a system and science.

Department wise Intake Capacity - 6 students per year

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Materia Medica Specialty


Research Methodology Biostatistics


Advanced Teaching Of Fundamentals Of Homoeopathy

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Result is 100% for 2nd year – all 6 passed

For 1st year -83% – 5 out of 6 passed

Batch 2017-20 
Dr. Payal ShettyDr. Bipin Jain 
Dr. Shraddha PatilDr. Bhavik Parekh 
Dr. K. S. SinthujaDr. Bipin Jain 
Dr. Sai EswarDr. Vivek Kadam 
Dr. Avisha DakhoreDr. Bhavik Parekh 
Dr. Suchita SindholkarDr. Bipin Jain 
Batch 2018-21 
Bajaj Neeta ShankarlalDr. Bipin Jain 
Sathe Anuj MilindDr.  Vivek Kadam 
Vaswani Laveena ChandalalDr. Bhavik Parekh 
Kazi Saniya NafeesDr. Bipin Jain 
Madavi Rina DipakraoDr. Bhavik Parekh 
 Batch 2019-22
1Dr. Nayan Durbale 
2Dr. Yamini Vasistha 
3Dr. Ragavi Msilamani 
4Dr. Madhura Kode 
5Dr. Anagha Patil 
6Dr. Pooja Waidande 
Department specific Activities


• Exploring the source book to understand the original proving data
• Understand the different philosophical approaches to construct HMM images
• Understanding different clinical cases to built regional Materia Medica
• Developing group symptoms through analysis of the clinical cases


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Faculty Profile

Dr. Dr. Bipin S. Jain ,
M. D. (Hom.) MBA, (Edu. Mgt).
Dr. Bhavik R. Parekh ,
M. D. (Hom.)
Dr. Vivek V. Kadam,
MD [Hom]
Dr. Akshata Nayak,
MD [Hom]

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