Why should students come to us –
The unique approach of teaching Paediatrics in Homoeopathy in MLDMHI is

evolved along the following concepts & principles:

1) Abundant Clinical Exposure The student gets a variety of clinical exposure in the NICU, IPD, OPD, School Health Programs, Malnutrition management health program in tribal aanganwadis (Day care center), Management of Anemia in adolescent tribal girls, regular health camps etc. etc. in the rural & tribal areas of Palghar district.

2) Action Learning: Students own the responsibility of the patient and they are actively involved in discussion with experienced homoeopathic consultants for homoeopathic management of patient. Thus they learn by doing or action, hence Action Learning.

3) Case based & problem centric learning: All of the teaching is centred around case material from the above clinical exposure. All concepts related to the clinical & Homoeopathic philosophy management are understood while handling the cases in the above clinical setups.

4) Group Discussion Method of Education & Adult Learning Principles:
 Here the clinical bedside experience is converted into academic material & discussed in a group situation with prior organizing of the experience in the format of Learning Objectives, Directives & Learning Outcomes. Each student is given responsibility of organizing the bedside & clinical experiences into educational material & encouraged to present it in the Group setting so that the students understands the link between the theory & practice. Here the emphasis is on understanding the management of cases & linking them to the Hahnemannian principles as mentioned in the Organon of Medicine.

5) In conclusion the student will witness the following statement at the bedside: “Homoeopathic Therapeutics affords unlimited possibilities of influencing favourably the mental processes & of mitigating the adverse influences of hereditary predispositions to illness” as mentioned by our founder Dr. M.L. Dhawale in his book Principles & Practice of Homoeopathy, in the chapter on Introduction to the study of Homoeopathy. We at MLDMHI strive to encourage the student to develop the correct KAS i.e Knowledge, Attitude & Skills to become a Homeopathic Paediatrician to help the newborn child to realize her or his full biological & spiritual potential.


Department Wise Intake Capacity: 6 Students Per Year

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9. Cardinal signs of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy demonstrated in a patient- Dr Sonali Mandal & Dr Omkar Anavkar:

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