It is a series of ‘video’ educational Talks started by MLDMHI on its social media platforms to disseminate scientific, evidence based Homoeopathic and clinical  knowledge. FWD TALKS is a platform where homoeopaths can share their meaningful contributions with their fellow professionals. It aims to strengthen scientific evidence-based homoeopathy, with the only mission that homoeopaths across the world can get to learn from the work done by their peers.

Speaker video + PowerPoint

– maximum 20 minutes duration (Tailored specifically for Social media).

– Clinical topics when presented, must be supported by evidence based clinical cases.

– Presentation must be made on PowerPoint.

Yes, the content contributor will be provided with a “MLDMHI certified content” certificate of participation along with the Badge of Honor of being a FWD Talks Speaker.

FWD Talks is an invite only presentation, where the speaker is selected via a screening process or via an invite by MLDMHI.

Yes, there is a screening process.

To bring the best out of every content contributor/speaker.

Content and PowerPoint presentation will be screened by faculty of MLDMHI before it is published on social media.

  1. Development of social media presence.
  2. To be recognized as “FWD Talks speaker” and joining the commune of distinguished list of FWD speakers.
  3. Evaluation of clinical material to meet the international standards of online education in Homoeopathy.
  4. Increased Profile search ability on the internet- from academic and clinical as well as patient point of view.
  5. A successful platform to share your work/ research/ clinical findings with the    Homoeopathic community with a large viewership base.


The process is very simple and user- friendly, Process of sending first draft, screening, finalizing presentation, branding of presentation and recording:


Step 1:  Sending the proposal for presentation/first draft/ concept note to Dr. Kumar Dhawale, Chairman, Dr. M. L. Dhawale Memorial Organizations on 


Step 2:  A MLDMHI faculty will be assigned to screen the proposal for presentation/first draft/ concept note/ PowerPoint. The faculty will give suitable inputs on the content and presentation. Active mentoring/ guidance will be done to ensure the speakers are able to deliver their best to the world.


Step 3: A Final review will be done by Dr. Kumar Dhawale. Then the presentation will be finalized.

Step 4: The finalized PowerPoint will be branded with the MLDMHI logo and technical adjustments will be made to make it suitable for online presentation.

Step 5: Basic guidance for online session recording will be provided to the speaker, so that the presentation meets the online presentation standard and matches the time frame of recording and editing.  

Step 6: Recording will be done over zoom meetings remotely or the speakers may choose to record it on their own using Microsoft Office 365 PowerPoint software, adhering to the above mentioned standards.

  1. All communication must be Via email only. Telephonic/WhatsApp/Video communication may be used, but the same must be reiterated over email. This is done to keep track of progress on a single and formal communication platform.
  2. Do not use unnecessary CAPS in the PowerPoint as it hampers spell checks.
  3. Please adhere to strict patient confidentiality protocols, All the relevant patient consents need to be obtained by the presenter. FWD Talks and MLDMHI will not be responsible for any of the breach in confidentiality of the patient identity/ nor shall be responsible for the plagiarism or any such allegations. The speaker takes responsibility for all the areas of the presentation.

The participant must ensure that the case/s is not presented in any public platform prior to FWD talks. 

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